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At Neurs, we are at the forefront of building faster, reliable and engaging cloud native web apps. As a leading provider of cloud native web app development services, we deliver user-centric designs and reliable web application solutions with structured quality assurance and monitoring process.

We have a dynamic team of web application developers based in Melbourne and Sydney who have been creating enterprise grade solutions for one of the biggest brands in Australia.

A very crucial element of your business’s virtual presence is its website and we are here to create one for you from the scratch. Remember, your services do not need to stand out of crowd but your website has to.

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Our Process

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We will help define your unique business requirements, technical concerns and usability challenges to understand your needs.


We will develop interactive mockups, feature definitions, project workflow and testing schedule- ultimately, a feature-rich application.


We will deliver your application on time, on budget and within the scope. Our final product will exceed your expectations.

Web Development

Our Valuable Development Services

Content management system (CMS)

Content management system (CMS)

CMSs are a staple for most modern websites. Gone are the days of just having a simple, 5 to 10-page website. One of the crucial reasons to have an effective website with the most-updated content is that it brings in new leads and sales. The updated content can be in the form of new blog posts, videos, white papers, special reports, etc.

Customer relationship management (CRM) system

Customer relationship management (CRM) system

Most businesses need some sort of system to keep track of prospects, customers, referrals, vendors and other people/companies they do business with. This is where a CRM tool comes into play. There are many CRM tools available but based on your business’s needs, you may decide to either have a custom CRM tool developed or have your existing CRM tool integrated with other tools.

Business process automation system

Business process automation system

A custom software tool can be created to handle automation, allowing your business to work more efficiently, save more money and have your employees focus on higher-level, more value-added activities that generate more revenue.

E-commerce/Online store

E-commerce/Online store

For some businesses, a portion of revenue might come from the sale of products in addition to providing services. In such cases, it is a great option to have an online store that can be integrated with the company’s existing website.

Paperless office

Paperless office

A custom software app can be created that allows a business to replace all of its paper with a tool that can be accessed from anywhere and can be customized for the company’s unique workflow.

Company-facing/Customer-facing web portals

Company-facing/Customer-facing web portals

Another useful software tool for some businesses is a user portal. This is an informational website that allows employees or customers to get information in a self-service manner.

MERN Stack Development

We deploy a full-stack Javascript solution with Mongo DB as database system, Express as backend web framework, React JS as front-end framework and Nodejs as back-end runtime environment to create high-performing and highly scalable web applications. Technologies that we use here include:

  • Mongo DB
  • Express JS
  • React JS
  • Node JS
  • Tailwind CSS

Content management systems

We are experts at designing and creating content management systems for the web. We analyze and research the market trends and collaborate these with your business requirements to mold a perfect CMS framework for your business. CMSs that we use here include:

  • DotNet Nuke
  • Umbraco
  • Conentful
  • Kentiko

Ecommerce Solutions

We create custom designed e-commerce websites that’d make you stand out from your competitors. From our experience of creating more than 10 ecommerce sites, we know how to do it best. Platforms that we use here include:

  • Magento2
  • WooComerce
  • CS Cart
  • Shopify
  • PrestaShop
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Why Choose us?

As a reputed web design and development firm based in Sydney, we are dedicated to building robust web solutions for clients. We are honest, approachable and local team of IT experts with only the best of your business at our heart.

We are local

We are small and local team of IT experts based in Melbourne and Sydney. We worked for one the biggest brands of Australia with likes of Bupa, ANZ and Telstra Health.

Comprehensive requirement analysis

First, we spend significant amount of time to understand your business needs, then convert the business requirements into technical requirements and approach the development of application in agile manner.

Optimal user experience

Our web design team follows the latest app design UX trends to build highly accessible applications with ease of use at heart of the whole design process.

Advanced security & scalability

We have been long enough in the industry to acknowledge the importance of security in web applications. Our web apps are secured with latest security standards and data protection, which will in line with data governance policies of your organization.

Continuous communication and feedback loop

We prefer to develop applications in incremental manner with regular demos every week and get feedback from the customer in an agile manner. We use this approach since it helps everyone in identifying and adapting to project’s requirement or scope changes with as ease and flexibility as possible.


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Be it a simple website design, a complex data-driven web application development, an e-commerce website or a native or cross platform mobile app development, we are here to deliver whatever your requirements are.