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Is waiting for months to see the results of an advertising strategy not a viable option for you? Well, pay-per-click (PPC) is your go-to alternative then.

PPC, a keyword-based tool, lets advertisers bid on certain keywords. This results in your ads pertaining to those keywords appear on the top of Google results. Thus, driving the traffic to your website.

While SEO helps achieve your long-term goals, PPC is a digital marketing approach to attain your short-term objectives of:

  • Attracting instant traffic
  • Driving potential customer towards your services
  • Producing positive ROI

So, are you ready to monetize those clicks? Contact us and let our PPC strategy implementation earn you customers and revenue

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Our valuable PPC services include

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Once you reach certain amount of spending. You will be assigned a dedicated PPC manager. To manage you Ad Account structure and look for optimisation opportunities.

Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research and Analysis

PPC keyword research is the only way to know which keywords you should choose and—while there are multiple steps involved and we can take care of this multistep complex process for your business.

AD Optimisations

AD Optimisations

Writing effective ads is one of the fundamental tasks of creating your online ad presence. It’s critical to learn about the general ad structure and policies we are experts at writing advertisements that will compel people to click.

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting

With geo targeting, you won’t squander your ad budget on wasted clicks from people who are outside your target area, and you’ll increase the chances that the people clicking on your ads are actually eligible to receive your products and services.

Campaign Level Reporting

Campaign Level Reporting

Keeping track of clicks, ad spend and more when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns can be incredibly tricky and overwhelming. Our reports helps you track all PPC campaign metrics so you can stay on top of your agreements and PPC strategy.

Bid Optimisations and Management

Bid Optimisations and Management

Bid optimization can require quite a bit of time and attention, but it is a critical part of the process of optimizing a Google Ads account.

About Pay Per Click

Why choose us?

A lot of work goes into creating an effective PPC campaign, and with the increasingly sophisticated systems in use, more specifically Google AdWords, it’s important to choose a PPC agency with the expertise and collaborative team that can powerfully execute your campaign in a creative way.

The most relevant and intelligently targeted PPC campaigns charge less for clicks than other campaigns, making your choice in agency, monumental.

1. A fixed price plan

With a fixed price plan, you get more control over the amount you spend and limit the features as per you need. This is usually aimed at smaller businesses and individuals with specific needs and smaller budgets.

2. Separate ad spend AND a monthly management fee

We charge a separate monthly fee from your ad spend. This way, you’d pay the monthly fee and pay for your ads directly. With a monthly fee, you can keep track of how much you’re spending on your ads and a flat rate for campaign management.

3.Our process is tried and tested

We have experience and proven success in helping businesses improve their online presence. We custom our marketing strategies for every client and help them reach the audience best suited for their niche.

4. We understand search

The search engines use complex algorithms that frequently change. We monitor every update very carefully and adjust our strategies accordingly.


Frequently Ask Question

Are Google Ads not generating enough leads?

If you never tried PPC marketing, or you tried in the past but struggled to get result, or fake clicks consumed your whole campaign budget, get in touch with us to discuss how at Neurs we can help you with the PPC marketing.